Welcome to Casarosa

Casarosa is an old building whose origins are lost in the mists of time.
Casarosa, however, is not only an old restored house, is much more.

It is a dream chased strongly, is a love for old stones that grow in the heart of an artist Annamaria, the landlady, is the skill, patience and courage of the engineer ANTONIO, her husband.

Casarosa is love, warmth, shelter, accommodation, art studio where you can wander looking through paintings and pottery, chatting in friendship.

ANTONIO ANNAMARIA and will also always available to provide inspiration, ideas and information so that your holiday will be unforgettable.

Among others:

Casarosa has a lovely old fishing boat cruiser anchored in the beautiful marina of Bisceglie. You can use it for a day to enjoy the sea, by booking one day before;
* Also by appointment, you can ride through the green or use, on a circuit, a go-kart;

* E 'is also possible to have two chairs and a parasol by the pool in a nearby structure, close and well equipped.

Lobby Day Spring Flowers Chapel Night Admission