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Kindness and Hospitality
Thank you for your kindness and hospitality you have given me.
As I told you I have no voice to give suggestions to improve
something that is already perfect.
A fussy wish I could suggest to ask the practice to obtain
the "POS" and therefore the possibility to pay by credit card and / or debit cards.
Thanks again for the treatment received.                         13/14/15 December 2010


Pleasure and satisfaction
Having addressed at the Bed and Breakfast "Casar" a group of friends
and having gathered the unanimous appreciation for the kindness, friendliness,
hospitality, the beauty of the place and furniture, I am particularly
satisfied.                                                                                            30/31 October 2010

RARE Hospitality - Reception ONLY
I'll be back for sure to enjoy your hospitality really "rare."
I do not know what else you can do to improve reception I call "unique".
Thanks.                                                                                              30/31 October 2010


The most beautiful and charming B & B in Puglia
Casar is one of the most beautiful and intriguing Bed and Breakfast where I
stay (and there are many). It 's very nice to be your guest.
Thank you and goodbye.                                                                  30/31 October 2010

Three memorable days
I spent three days in the B & B CASAROSA whose memory a long time between Serber
the more enjoyable.
Memorable was the evening of August 14 with the performance of musicians
and dance in the courtyard, the evening culminated with a sumptuous buffet.
12/15 August 2010
I had the pleasure of being your first guest.
Just as I got to tell you, the warmth, comfort, and each particular
of your home exudes warmth.
The flowers that I took the liberty of offering Mrs. Annamaria wanted
emphasize my appreciation for your hospitality.
Thanks.                                                                                                         26/27 July 2010

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